YNAB Going Dutch

Converts your Dutch bank statements from their CSV to YNAB CSV format

This tool is created to automatically convert your CSV bank files to a format that is used by "You Need A Budget".

Your CSV will instantly download upon file selection.

NEW: You can also configure this tool to synchronize directly with your YNAB account. Click on the options button in the upper right corner for more information. If you run into problems, please create an issue at Github
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Supported Banks

Rabobank - ING - ASN Bank - SNS Bank - KNAB - bunq (both English and Dutch localization) - Triodos Bank

For ABN AMRO support, visit the YNABGoingDutch ABN AMRO edition


YNAB Going Dutch can automate the statement import for you. For this, you will need to generate a personal access token (PAT).

Visit this link to find out how to generate a PAT in YNAB.

When you have obtained a valid PAT, please paste it in the field below and click on the test connection button.


We have made a connection with your YNAB account! We have stored your PAT in this browser. The next time you visit this site, you won't have to do this again.

We will ask you which budget and account should be used when you import a CSV file. When you cancel the popup(s), you will have the option to download the CSV file.

Please note that only 100 calls can be made to the YNAB server every hour for every unique PAT.